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Brian and Kris Carmody

Alexandria, South Dakota



Brian and Kris have called Alexandria home for 27 years. For the past 35 years, Kris has taught 4th grade for the Hanson School District. Brian has been employed by CHS for 42 years and is the manager of CHS in Alexandria.


Kris enjoys spending time with friends and family while Brian enjoys hunting in his free time. Together they enjoy motorcycle trips and taking rides in Brian’s ’73 Camaro.

Brian is the current mayor of Alexandria; and they both are actively involved in school, church, and community activities. When approached about participating in tonight’s event, Brian and Kris agreed without much hesitation because over the years, Kris has taught several students served by LifeQuest.


Brian grew up in Oldham and moved to Mitchell during his middle school years and graduated from Mitchell High School. Kris grew up in Milbank; however, moved to Sturgis in high school where she graduated. Brian’s sister was Kris’s college roommate and introduced the couple. They have been married for 34 years and blessed with two daughters, Megan, and Kassie.

Megan and Chet McManus have three daughters: Mia, Landree, and Kambrie. Kassie and Sean McQuillan have a son, Finnegan, and a foster child, Mark.

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